Server Maintenance 13./14.02.

We will be performing server maintenance on the upcoming weekend, in order to fix the mod issues with the No collision mods.

We will remove the Mod No Collision Check v1.3a. The mod Corrected Structures || No collision checks! v0.57 will remain on the server.



Please remove any NC building tiles from your bases. Once the mod is removed all NC building tiles will vanish and your base might collapse in the process. Replace any NC tiles with normal building tiles or Corrected building tiles!

If you have any questions about which tiles to use and which not to, ask Grussy, Tamp or any of the more experienced players on the server.


Please note: This is not related to the massive fortress gateway from Advanced Architecture Mod WIP not being placeable. This is an actual bug and has been reported to the mod author. The massive fortress gateways will still not work after this maintenance.


The exact time during which we will perform the maintenance can not be closely defined right now. We will aim for times between 10:00 – 17:00 on the 13. and 14. of February, so the evenings should be free for gaming without downtimes.

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