Connect to our TeamSpeak

Simply add “” as a server to your teamspeak servers. No password required.


  1. There are NO private channels on our TeamSpeak
    1. Exceptions:
      1. If you are one of our streamers, we will provide you with what you need.
      2. If you run a team with “MindWorp”, “Mindworp”, “mindworp” or “MW” in it’s name or tag, talk to us. We will provide you with a private channel.
  2. Talk to the heads
    1. We have a head for each of our gaming sections (check our Team page)
    2. If you would like to found a group in a section and apply for a private channel for that group, talk to the section’s head.
  3. Talk to the operators
    1. If you have technical difficulties or problems with other users on our teamspeak, please talk to our operators.
  4. Use the complaintslist
    1. If you have any trouble with other members, and there is no operator or admin around, please use the complaintslist to contact us.
      You can access the complaintslist under the “Tools”-section in the menu of the teamspeak-client.



The following ranks are available for users and this is how they are obtained:

guest Guest – simply join

regular_visitor Regular visitor – be here at least 100 times

member Member – be here at least 500 times

vip VIP – only awarded to special friends who have acclaimed themselves in one way or another – talk to your division head if you think you are such a person

head Head – Lead one of our divisions by opening up a Mindworp team and bringing members to our community

Other ranks do exist, but are not obtainable by anyone outside the core team.

If you fulfill one of these criterias, please talk to your division head or an operator/admin.