The following rules apply to all members of this community:

Strict – These rules will be pursued and enforced very strictly

  1. Children are playing in this community – You will behave and phrase your sentences accordingly when playing with them.
  2. You will treat each other with respect and dignity – even in PvP.
  3. You will refrain from homophobia, racism, sexism and other -isms and -ias of such sort.
  4. You will let other players have their fun.
    1. In PvP environments, fighting is game – however, you will always keep the other player in your mind and also think about their fun. The responsibility lies with the strong!
    2. This implies especially to lower level players learning the game.
  5. You will choose your name according to the implications in this rule set.
  6. You will not cheat, nor hack, nor glitch, nor abuse.


PvP – These rules apply to PvP players and shall be followed for everyone’s fun

  1. You may Kill On Sight (KOS), but you will keep it to a level that allows both players to have fun.
  2. You may take someone’s dropped inventory when they are dead – But you shall not camp someone’s corpse.