Maintenance: Results

The server maintenance was completed. The following is in effect as the result:

  • Mini-Industrial-Forge Mod was added – Please check the Mindworp Mod Collection and subscribe to any mods you are not subscribed to yet
  • The Mod No Collision Check v1.3a was removed (due to problematic interaction with Corrected Structures || No collision checks! v0.57)
  • Structure decay and automatic unclaiming of dinos within a certain period of time was added, so structures whos owners have not come online in a while can be easily destructed by other players
  • A web-based admin tool was installed to allow heads to control their division gaming servers even in absence of an administrator (currently: start, stop, restart, timed stop, status)
  • The basis for an automated update/update script was set, allowing the server to restart on regular intervals and installing updates for the server itself and mods

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